Uniquely Little Rock
  • Little Rock’s Old State House Museum, a designated National Historic Landmark, was constructed of handmade brick in 1836 and served as the state capitol for 75 years. It is the oldest surviving State Capitol west of the Mississippi River. 
  • Little Rock Central High School, built in 1927, was named "The Most Beautiful High School in America” by the American Institute of Architects. In 1957 the school became a crucial battleground in the struggle for civil rights, when nine African-American students entered Little Rock Central High School under federal troop protection. With the help of television news, the Little Rock Nine commanded national attention. Little Rock came to symbolize the federal government’s commitment to eliminating separate systems of education for blacks and whites.
  • Home of the 42nd President of the United States Bill Clinton and his presidential library. The library houses the largest archival collection in American presidential history. Included in these collections are approximately 76.8 million pages of paper documents, 1.85 million photographs and over 75,000 museum artifacts.
  • The University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service is the only graduate school in the nation offering a Masters of Public Service degree.
  • Little Rock Air Force Base is the largest training and maintenance facility for C-130 aircraft in the country.
  • Arkansas Repertory Theatre – Arkansas’slargest non-profit professional theatre company.
  • Only city in the country to have four pedestrian bridges that stretch over navigate-able water.
  • Testament,” the civil rights memorial sculpture of the Little Rock Nine, is the only civil rights memorial located on any state capitol grounds in the south. 
  • Little Rock is home to the state’s only zoo.
  • MacArthur Park is the city's oldest municipal park.
  • Stephens Incorporated, in Little Rock, is the largest off-Wall Street investment firm in the country.
  • The Big Dam Bridge is the world’slongest pedestrian and bicycle bridge, built specifically for that purpose.
  • The Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum is home to the USS Razorback, the longest-serving submarine in the world.  
  • The Arkansas River is the third longest in the U.S. and the 36th longest in the world.  With its head near Leadville, Colorado, the Arkansas River’s 1,459 mile-length makes it the longest river flowing into the Mississippi-Missouri River system. 
  • Historic Arkansas Museum contains four original Little Rock dwellings of the state's oldest neighborhood. Hinderliter Grog Shop, built in 1820, is the oldest house in the city, still on its original site. 
  • The Old Arsenal Building (1863) is now the MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History and was the birthplace of five-star Army General Douglas MacArthur.
  • The Quapaw Quarter, named for the Quapaws who lived in central Arkansas, has many fine examples of restored 19th- and 20th-century architecture. Throughout its existence, the QQA has been a driving force behind historic preservation in Greater Little Rock, which now boasts over 250 individually-listed National Register properties as well as 15 National Register Historic Districts
  • War Memorial Stadium was dedicated on September 18, 1948, honoring the 4,634 Arkansans that lost their lives during World War I and World War II. The stadium was originally built for 31,000 fans, but has been expanded three different times to hold 53,727 fans. 
  • The Arkansas Travelers enjoy one of the longest running histories of any minor league franchise.  
  • A midwestern farmer named Dan West was ladling out rations of milk to hungry children during the Spanish Civil War when it hit him, “these children don’t need a cup, they need a cow.” Hence the title “Heifer Project.” This simple idea of giving families a source of food rather than short-term relief caught on and has continued for more than 60 years. Since 1944, Heifer has helped 8.5 million people in more than 125 countries.
  • Located near the geographic center of Arkansas, Little Rock derives its name from a small rock formation on the south bank of the Arkansas River called La Petite Roche (the "little rock"). The "little rock" was used by early river traffic as a landmark and became a well-known river crossing.
  • The Old Mill, made in 1939, is famous for the opening scene in the movie, "Gone With The Wind". (It is believed to be the only remaining structure from the film.) Now a public park in North Little Rock, it is a restful site with florals, sculptured concrete work (known as faux bois), including bridges, benches, and baskets sculpted to look like real wood. It is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Burns Park, in North Little Rock, with its 1,575 acres is the second largest municipal park in the U.S. 
  • Dillard’s, one of the nation’s most successful department store chains, is headquartered in Little Rock. Its founder, William Dillard, opened his first store in 1938 in Nashville, Arkansas.  
  • Systematics, based in Little Rock, is the nation’s leading provider of data processing services and software to the financial industry.
  • "Little Rock" was a number one country hit for Reba McEntire in 1986.
  • Arkansas Baptist College is one of Arkansas’s oldest black educational institutions and was among the first Baptist college established in America for African Americans.
  • The world’s largest soda float was concocted Oct. 14, 1990, at the Arkansas State Fairgrounds with 1,200 pounds of Coleman Quality Checked Dairy’s skim milk and 936 gallons of Coca-Cola. 
  • Designing Women,” a sitcom about four interior decorators in the South, was produced by Little Rock native and former high school coach, Harry Thomason.  The setting for the fictional design firm is the Villa Marre residence at 1321 Scott Street in Little Rock, and it is featured in the opening credits of each “Designing Women” episode.
  • Little Rock is home to the “cheese dog,”  a hot dog with cheese inserted in the middle, invented in 1956 at the Finkbeiner Meat Packing Company.
  • Meyer’s Bakery in Little Rock invented the brown-n-serve roll in the 1930's.
  • Little Rock is home to the Climber Car, a small automobile manufacturing company that built approximately 200 4-cylinder, 40-horsepower cars and 100 pickup trucks in the 1920s. There are still two Climber Cars in existence today.
  • Maybelline, Incorporated of North Little Rock is the world’s leader of mass-produced domestic cosmetics.
  • Little Rock is the International headquarters for the American Taekwondo Association, Acxiom, Candy Bouquet, J. M. Products, Inc., Stephens, Inc., Heifer International, Lions World Services for the Blind, the William J. Clinton Foundation and Winrock International.
  • Niagra, the aphrodisiac soft drink sensation, caused a stir worldwide when a Little Rock distributor began selling the product in 2001. The subsequent attention made the product so sought-after that the distributor could not keep the fizzy drink on the shelves.
Famous Little Rock Films and Television
Famous Little Rock Television
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