MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History

MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History

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503 East Ninth St.
Little Rock, AR 72202
Phone: 501-376-4602


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The MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History, located in the historic Arsenal Building, interprets our state's military heritage and honors the contributions of Arkansas servicemen and women, at home and abroad, who served in military conflicts from the state's territorial period to the present. The Arsenal Building, a National Historic Landmark and one of Little Rock's oldest surviving structures, was built in 1840 to protect Arkansans from Indian attack. It witnessed pivotal exchanges between Federal and Confederate forces during the Civil War and later became the birthplace of Five Star Army General Douglas MacArthur. The MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History ensures that "old soldiers never die." Instead, their sacrifice and service are preserved for future generations.
The Arkansas Korean War Veterans Memorial is in MacArthur Park next door to the museum. This memorial is dedicated to ensuring that future generations remember the Korean War Veterans; their proud and dedicated service, the legacy they continued, and the freedom they preserved. The names of 461 Arkansans killed in the Korean War, and six Arkansans who received the Medal of Honor are listed on beautiful black granite panels. The information panels surround impressive statues of combat soldiers, and Korean children.

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