Little Rock: In the details

Where is Little Rock located?

Little Rock, the capital city of Arkansas, is located near the center of the state on the south bank of the Arkansas River at the junction of U.S. Interstate Highways 30 and 40. Also located near the geographical center of the United States, Little Rock, as well as Arkansas, is in the center of what is commonly referred to as the Sunbelt.

What is the population of Little Rock?

2010 Census results indicate a population of 193,524, making it the 118th largest city in America. There are 877,091 residents in the Greater Little Rock Metropolitan area. 

What is the average temperature?

Little Rock enjoys four distinct seasons – warm summers with plenty of lakes and water sports, beautiful falls filled with spectacular colors, mild winters with very little threat of snow and ice, and gorgeous springs with an explosion of flowers.

Average Temperatures: Summer (July) 72 to 93 degrees; Fall (October) 51 to 75 degrees; Winter (January) 31 to 50 degrees; Spring (April) 50 to 73 degrees

What is the altitude?

286 feet above sea level; residential area between 300 and 630 feet above sea level.

What is the area?

Little Rock: 105.4 square miles; North Little Rock: 37.30 square miles; Pulaski County: 771.0 square miles.

What is the average rainfall?

48.52 inches. Average snowfall: 5.2 inches.

How did Little Rock get its name?

In 1722, French explorer, Benard de La Harpe led an expedition of fellow Europeans up the Arkansas River from Arkansas Post, a French trading post founded in 1686 near the mouth of the river. La Harpe, who is believed to have traveled about 50 miles above the present sites of Little Rock and North Little Rock, described the area when writing in his journal. He noted a landmark on the north bank of the Arkansas River, which he referred to as the "French Rock" (now known as "big rock.") From that, La Petite Roche, the “little rock”, was coined as the south bank. The history of the city's namesake is located at the north end of Rock Street, La Petite Roche Plaza, overlooking the Arkansas River and is part of the 33-acre Riverfront Park.

When did Arkansas become a state? How many counties?

Arkansas became the 25th state admitted to the union on June 15, 1836, and is made up of 75 counties.