Riverfront Park History Pavilion

River Market Dist.
The city skyline, visible from the park, makes it difficult to imagine the area as it appeared to early explorers. Today we can only envision it through their drawings and maps, their descriptions of geographic characteristics and the natural landmarks they noted. The History Pavilion takes you on a trip back in time. Read about the history of Little Rock, and the state of Arkansas, in this great exhibit which includes a Civil War Marker at the location where the main body of Steele’s army entered Little Rock on September 11, 1863 with the 3rd Minnesota Regiment in the vanguard, crossing the river on a pontoon bridge at the approximate location of the present day Main Street Bridge

The History Pavilion is also home to an Indian Head statue which was carved by Peter Toth in 1975. This statue was one of approximately sixty Native American likenesses that he carved in all 50 states. The statue represents a tribute to Native Americans that occupied the land that became Arkansas including the Osage, Caddo, Chickasaw, Tunica and Quapaw tribes.
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