LRCVB Equity Statement

Equity Statement


The Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau is committed to ensuring that Little Rock is a destination that is welcoming and open to all who seek to come here.  

Our work reinforces what we know to be true about our city: that Little Rock is a place where all people should have an equal access to the opportunity and promise of our city. We want every visitor to Little Rock, independent of where they come from or the length of their stay, to have equal access to our city and the joy that a visit to it brings.  

We are committed to the following shared values:  

       • Understanding what equity is and acknowledging that not all people have the same starting point. 

       • Being open to new ideas and information in regard to equity and to what we as an organization must do when we make a mistake.
       • Working to make sure that our intent is in lockstep with our impacts.  

The Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau is in a near constant state of growth when it comes to understanding the complex and intersectional identities of our visitors. We seek to remove all barriers to travel from the path of anyone who would like to visit Little Rock. Through this we’re able to build a stronger, more diverse and more welcoming destination. Little Rock is a city made of people of a myriad of ages, races, ethnicities, levels of ability, sexual orientations, gender identities, religions and socio-economic statuses, and we are at our best when these diversities are given light to show the full spectrum of our home.