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Presidential Perspectives: Immersive Experiences and Exhibits at the Clinton Presidential Center

President Bill Clinton sitting at the Resolute Desk in the White House Oval Office while on the phone and flipping through documents.

1. White House Oval Office Replica - Permanent Exhibit

Four teenagers stand inside the Clinton Presidential Center with a museum guide who is explaining the Little Rock Nine exhibit.

2. The Little Rock Nine - Permanent Exhibit

A look into the alcoves of the Clinton presidential Center Timeline exhibit from the third floor.

3.The Timeline & Policy Alcoves - Permanent Exhibit

An aerial view of the Clinton Presidential Park and wetlands along the Arkansas River on a sunny day.

4. Bonus Attraction - The Clinton Presidential Park

Four adults dine on the patio at 42 bar and table around a fire with the Clinton Presidential Bridge in the background.

5. Bonus Attraction - 42 bar and table

An exterior shot of the Clinton Presidential Center's angular and modern architecture backlit by the sun.
Clinton Presidential Center


Clinton Presidential Center

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