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Eclipse 2024

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Fun Fact #1

The next total solar eclipse won't pass over Little Rock again for 21 years (2045), better catch it in 2024!

Fun Fact #2

Solar eclipses happening near the North or South Pole are very rare. The last total eclipse in Antartica was in 2003 and the next won't be until 2039!

Fun Fact #3

The Sun is 94 million miles (150 million km) from Earth, and the Moon is 238,900 miles (382,500 km) from Earth. This creates the perfect arrangement for a total solar eclipse.

Fun Fact #4

The Moon travels approximately 1,398 mph (2,250 kmph) which is why a total solar eclipse can last only up to a total of 7 and a half minutes!

Fun Fact #5

There are 2 - 5 solar eclipses a year, with a total solar eclipse happening approximately every 18 months.

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