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As Arkansas’s capital city, Little Rock is a city where intrepid explorers, civil rights pioneers, and even world leaders have left their mark.

Celebrating Black History and Black Culture in Little Rock



As Arkansas’s capital city, Little Rock is a dynamic and diverse place teeming with world-class dining, arts, hotels, shopping, and attractions. It’s a city where intrepid explorers, civil rights pioneers, and even world leaders have left their mark. But it’s also a city that, more than anything, loves to have a good time, whether that’s with dinner and a night on the town or a day packed with outdoor adventure.


Are you looking for the best shopping the city has to offer? We’ve got your guide. How about the best restaurants in the south? Yep, we’ve got that, too. Thinking of bringing your bike? Good, because we’ve got hundreds of miles of trails to explore. 





Big on Black Culture

What does it mean to be Black in Little Rock? How has Little Rock changed since the desegregation crisis of 1957? What does Little Rock offer the travelers of today?


Those are the questions that we asked some of Little Rock’s most vocal advocates and ardent supporters. Together, they tell the story of a thriving city full of welcoming people and unique, only-in-Little Rock experiences.


‘GMA’ surprises civil rights pioneer Annie Abrams with a street sign named after her

Abrams, a civil rights pioneer in Little Rock, Arkansas, was among the mentors giving the "Little Rock Nine" the courage to make history.

View the Good Morning America segment here.

Annie Abrams


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