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The long-awaited completion of the renovation of the Junction Railroad Bridge converting it to a pedestrian and bicycle bridge took place May 17, 2008. Access to the bridge is by a walkway (handicap accessible) directly behind the River Market pavilion on the Little Rock side and from Washington Street near Verizon Arena on the North Little Rock side. A ceremonial “Tying Our Cities Together” was accomplished with two 900 foot lengths of ribbon reaching from each end of the bridge. Local school groups brought the ribbon together at the center of the bridge for a symbolic tying of the cities.

Junction Bridge has served as a backdrop to both Little Rock and North Little Rock’s skylines for over 100 years. Today, this vital landmark has been transformed into a pedestrian bridge that will serve as one of the state’s premiere “destinations” for both tourists and locals to view the Arkansas River and discover the heart of Central Arkansas’ flourishing activities.

The Junction Bridge is managed by Pulaski County and available for rental use by private parties.

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