Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site

The nation watched the Little Rock Nine story unfold as nine black students attempted to enter the previously all-white school. With the help of television news, then in its infancy, the events commanded worldwide attention. Little Rock came to symbolize the federal government's commitment to eliminating separate systems of education for blacks and whites.

The new National Historic Site Visitor Center opened in September 2007 to mark the 50th anniversary of the school's desegregation and is one of the most-visited Little Rock landmarks. It offers Little Rock Nine information through interactive exhibits commemorating the events and telling the Little Rock Nine story. When Little Rock Central High School was built in 1927, the American Institute of Architects named Central High School, "The Most Beautiful High School in America. The high school is still operating today and is the only functioning high school to be located within the boundary of a national historic site. Visit the Central High School Visitor Center to learn more Little Rock Nine information and history.
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