Lorance Creek Natural Area

Central Arkansas

Lorance Creek Natural Area is easily accessible and located just minutes from downtown Little Rock. The natural area conserves a cypress-tupelo swamp and adjacent uplands. Interpretive signs along the trail and a boardwalk describe the history and natural features of the area. Quiet and peaceful during the day, Lorance Creek comes to life during evening and at daybreak with a chorus of owls, frogs and other animal sounds.

The boardwalk is shaded by bald cypress and water tupelo trees. Swamp blackgum, a rare tree in Arkansas, is fairly common at the edge of the swamp. The area is interconnected by a network of small streams and seeps that support almost 600 plant species, including: 

  • arrow arum
  • bur-reed
  • Louisiana hop sedge
  • royal fern

Rare plants include hardhack, Devil's bit and Carolina ash. Carolina ash is at the northern edge of its range. 

More than 125 bird species and 25 amphibian and reptile species are known from the site, including the rare bird-voiced tree frog. Wood ducks nest in hollow trees, barred owls hoot early in the morning, and herons roost in tall cypresses. Beavers, otters, and water moccasins are common. Migratory birds, such as the prothonotary warbler, can be seen in the spring and summer. 

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